Signing vs PECS. Give him time and he’ll reward you.

We’ve found Max didn’t respond to learning sign language at all. Other kids with disabilities did better with signing, for example some of Max’s Lifestart friends with Down Syndrome picked it up and ran with it in spectacular fashion.

Rather than signing, we’re working – slowly – on PECS or picture communication. Many kids with MWS are able to point to what it is they want – toilet, food, drink etc. This is obviously a major breakthrough with a non verbal communicator. In Max’s case, we wants to tell us stuff – but doesn’t have any high-level methods yet.

We do read a lot of meaning from his eyes – he’ll look at things meaningfully, for example  he knows his mum and dad, brother, bus, bed, drink, food – he will look at ‘it’ when the word is said.

Here it’s obvious there’s intelligence. Maxi thinks about things, reacts and communicates. He just needs time to process and get back to you 🙂


IMG_5188 IMG_5194

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  1. Sidney411 says:

    Hi. My Sidney is 15 years old. We live in the states, in Michigan. She was just diagnosed 18 months ago with MWS. I will post about us on your last entry, asking about other families. Sidney just recently began using similar speech system similar to Pecs. And for the first time in her life, without pointing with her eyeballs, she too has a voice!! This is an amazing breakthru for her too!! So happy to see Max also is gaining new skills!
    Jen Oconnor.

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