What it’s not

Yes, Mowat-Wilson Syndrome is a ‘severe’ to ‘profound’ syndrome. No, MWS is not a reason to throw in the towel, lose hope, lose faith in humanity or the gods above, or lose your relationship with your partner. As we’ve said in our ‘About’ section, MWS people have personalities we can all learn from.

MWS people will not cause the next nuclear war, invent a lethal virus, send rockets across a strip of land in the Middle East, or insist on mining fossil fuels despite the global consequences. MWS people will not talk about you behind your back, criticize your work performance or make you feel inadequate about your salary. They will not covet attention, engage in violent behaviour, break hearts or embezzle funds then try to cover their devious tracks.

However they will love you for who you are – whether you’re a mum, dad, relative or carer. MWS people will reach out at the most touching times and grip your hand so tightly you feel they’ll never let go. They’ll smile at you despite the fact that you know they’re hurting physically. They’ll appreciate you being there to touch heads and have a cuddle while watching TV. They’ll make you feel like you’re the best person in the world, and they’ll be genuine about this. There’s no BS in MWS.

They’ll love you always. Totally and unreservedly.

This is no mean feat. Remember, many of our much-feted ‘genius’ personalities have failed in one or more of these areas.

So be sure to smile back and enjoy the time together. It may not be the path you imagined, but it’s still a very rewarding path you’re taking together, and that path is rich with roses. You just need to recognise them, sometimes through through the vines, nettles and thorns, then take time to appreciate them.


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